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"Wall Street Plunder" vocal - David Williams
I Hear my Brother Calls my Name"  vocal - Phillip Smith
     "Come and go with Me"    vocal  -  David williams
           "I Want to Live"   vocal - David williams
    "Seven Mi' Kmaq Warriors"   vocal -  David Williams
"I Hear My Brother Call my Name" instrumental - Phillip Smith

THE HANGING TREE      173 pages
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Nova Scotia -  Purpose and the Magic  108 pages

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"CONFESSIONS"     is a complete guide from How to Meet your Mate to How to Leave and Forget Him and all that happens between:  The Do nots - Seduction, Infidelity - Lies -  Love versus Lust - Games Chauvinists Play -  Common Mistakes - The Supporting Principles of a Caring Relationship - Trouble Signs - The Foremost Types of Chauvinists - Common Chauvinistic Controls - Power and Manipulation - Exploitation - Denial and Frustration
within the Pink Ghettos - Myth and Manipulation - The Poverty Gap between the Genders - Chauvinism and the Abortion Debate and most importantly How to Identify and Baffle the Male Chauvinist... and much much...more.  After printing this book you will give it to your women friends who may be the targeted victims of male chauvinism and manipulation. 
Khatija's story involves a true documented recount of her failed struggle for justice. Someone must prosecute the conduct of those involved. (But whom? No one up to the level of the Ontario Premier's office (Mr. Dalton McGuinty) ensured that full disclosure of evidence be made so Khatija could successfully defend
herself when accused in the criminal courts. Her life was destroyed and her father was dead.  Was it because of her racial status?  Let the reader decide when the truth is known. 
Before anyone votes in the next Ontario Provincial election they should read of Khatija's desperate plea for equality that was denied.  A must read for lawyers and concern for persons of colour. The reader will not believe Khatija,s story.  It is documented and facts cannot be disproved.  They will not believe it happened in Liberal Ontario, 2004 and not Jim Crow Mississippi, 1904.
In his book "The Hanging Tree" David Williams takes you from Goree Island, West Africa, where for three centuries the kidnapped African was forced through the "Door of No Return" to a lifetime of slavery in the Americas. 
Then, the United States Civil War, Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation,   John Simcoe's Anti-Slavery Act, The Fugitive Slave Act of September 18, 1850, the sacrifice of Stewart Taylor (born in Uxbridge, Ontario) with John Brown at Harpers Ferry.

He tells of Harriet Tubman's courage in her struggle against slavery.   The Dred Scott Decision.   Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka.  Dr. Martin Luther King's dream at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. 1963, from where his cry for racial equality and equal justice for all peoples resonated throughout the world.

David Williams takes you through doors of no return beginning at parts of the lowest levels of the judicial system of Ontario up to and including the Ontario Premier,s office.  The journey is terrifying.

Ismail believed in Martin Luther's "Dream" but Ismail's dream of equal justice for all was never to be. His family was torn asunder.  The cry for justice was refused.  He died a broken and disillusioned man.

Letter to Honourable Dalton McGinty. July 12, 2011.
The Honourable Dalton McGuinty,
Premier of Ontario.

July 12, 2011.
Dear Sir:
In the past I wrote to you at least five times appealing that you instruct that justice be given to a young woman of colour to whom I allege was persecuted by members of police and various Officials of the Ontario Attorney General. It is established beyond argument that perjury, obstruction of justice, suppression, nondisclosure, switching of evidence,  falsification of police investigative reports designed to make the young woman appear guilty, unlawful jailing, wrongful prosecution were involved.

Her father might be still alive today if equal justice were given this woman.   You replied to just two of my letters with no correction and no penalty to those involved who are still prosecuting in the Ontario Criminal Courts.

As all past appeals for equal justice failed, including those made to you directly, it is now my intent to appeal to the all members of all visible minorities, peoples of colour and races in Ontario in the following months... blanket  awareness. The people have a right to know.

I am asking, if you so choose, to comment why this occurred in Ontario 2004 and 2005 in spite of the many appeals for equal justice? Ontario is not Mississippi 2004 and 2005.  Court manuscripts, police correspondence and police investigative reports cannot be disputed.  I wait for your response, if any, so that your comments can be printed on the back cover of the manuscript along with this request.

With the highest respect,

David Clark, (Williams).

"Love is everywhere" tells beautiful true stories about the lives of beautiful people and marvelous places in Ontario that many know little or nothing about.  One could spend a lifetime discovering Ontario and still there would be so much more to experience. The disc contains the full and updated version of "Ontario - Love is everywhere."  You can print the section of Ontario where you want to visit at a particular time...or print all the stories and give it as a gift to a friend which will remain with them during the years ahead. 
Updated to inform the reader of the struggle between France and England for control of North America (excluding Mexico).  The story of Nova Scotia is told as it occurred from the beginning.  It is a breathtaking and honest saga that the reader will always remember and refer to. If we venture to Nova Scotia we will experience magic that only this wonderful corner of earth can convey
Almighty Glooscap decreed that Nova Scotia shall forever remain magnificent as he first created this  land  when time began and shall be unspoiled ever after.
David Williams's song "Come go with Me"    recites about  just some of the wonderful places in Nova Scotia. There are so many.