Allan McGillivray, Uxbridge-Scott Museum, Uxbridge.

Aki Peltonen and Aki Peltonen Creative Services and Stonehaven Innovations, Thunder Bay.

Bev Northeast, Uxbridge.

Doris Ellwood.

Gerry Hodge, Toronto.

Gillian Pocock Copy Reading Services Co., Toronto.

Jenie DeCarlo, Toronto.

Kiwanis Clubs of Toronto.

Leslie Ruth Howard, Uxbridge-Sandford.

Park Lawn Company Ltd., Toronto.

Robin, my daughter.

Sandra, Peggy and Pat.  (Photo shooters).

Sho Iwase, in appreciation of his participation concerning our endeavour.

Thousand Islands Bridge Authority.

Thunder Bay Tourist Association, Thunder Bay.

Tom Sander, Toronto.

Special gratitude to Philip Smith, Richard Felix, Janine Smith and Edward White for recording "I Hear My Brother Call My Name."

And the hundreds of people throughout Ontario I spoke to concerning information provided which was necessary to find my way. I can only say thank you, the journey was worth every moment.